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9 -15th October 2011

Curry Capital of Britain

This event in 2010 was the best yet and was won for an amazing fourth time by Glasgow. In conjunction with local media 4 restaurants were chosen to represent each city and then scored by judges to make up 40% of the marks. The balance of the marking depended on submissions from city councils and tourist offices to create a total. Previous winners are 2001 London West : 2002 Glasgow : 2003 Glasgow : 2004 Bradford : 2005 Birmingham : 2006 Glasgow : 2007 Leicester. If you wish to nominate a town or city please email vote@fedrest.com .
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Curry Quiz Night

If you want to run a fun Quiz Night as home, at school or for your customers if you run a restaurant or pub, we will supply the questions and answers and other information free on request to groveint@aol.com or 020 8399 4831.

The Best Chutney of the Year Challenge

With more and more chutneys coming on to the market we want to underline that many of the best remain in individual restaurants or home-produced. If you think your chutney is a winner pre-advise us of entry by email to groveint@aol.com then send a small sample to the competition address; 33 Beresford Avenue,Surbiton, Surrey KT5 9LH with your name and contact details to reach us no later than 22 September and the judges will announce the result at the end of Curry Week. Remember, retailers and supermarkets will be watching the results.

World Poppadom Tower Record Attempt

Every year the record has gone up except last year 2010. Have we reached the limit? Can you, your staff or your customers create a new record- or just have fun?
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Samosa Speed Challenge

A speed challenge for the kitchen. How many samosas can you produce from pre-prepared filling to wrapping and cooking in 10 minutes with customer taste test.
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Customer Restaurant of the Year

Is yours the most popular restaurant in Britain? The restaurant with the most votes from customers will win the title for 2011. Customers can send their vote by email at vote@fedrest.com or restaurants can collect names and send to us in bulk no later than 30 September 2011. In recent years we have received over 50,000 votes for nominated restaurants.
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Best Signature Dish (Classic)

Do you think your food is rather special? Do you want people to travel from miles around just to try it? Submit your restaurant's signature classic dish to take the title for 2011 - recipe, photo and customer comment no later than 23 September 2011. Anjali Pathak of sponsors Patak's will be on the judging panel. Email groveint@aol.com for details.
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Best Signature Dish (Innovative)

Are you pushing out the boundaries of Indian cuisine? Do you have dishes that excite and innovate? Similar to above but for your new, innovative signature dish with recipe, photo and customer comment by September 23 2011. Email groveint@aol.com for details.
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Currybard of the Year

Can you compose a poem to curry or your favourite. Funny, serious - all will be considered (unless they contravene good taste!)
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